Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hi Everyone,

We wanted to take a moment to say welcome to all the new members of our CSA and welcome back to the CSA veterans. Our membership is full for 2011 and we’re very excited to get things going or maybe we’re excited to be done with this cold weather. We’re sure there’s much more cold weather to come, but that’s not stopping us from getting a start on the up coming season. Over the past few weeks we have been spreading plenty of “nature’s fertilizer” better known as manure, on the fields and building the PH of one field a little with wood ashes from our wood stoves. That particular field was a bit lower than the others in organic matter too, so it gets all the produce scraps that the chickens won’t eat as well. We have received most of our seed for this year and await the plants that will be shipped at our correct planting time. We are currently getting our tables and grow lights set up in the basement as our seed planting for transplants will start next weekend. That always makes us feel like Spring isn’t all that far off! Speaking of transplants, we planted about 1500 onion plants last year. Due to requests for more onions through the season, we are planting over 6000 plants this year. If any of you are interested in helping on onion planting day, the pay’s no good, but lunch will be tremendous. That will be in April and we’ll keep you posted. Also keep in mind Asparagus always comes in before the CSA start date, so we will offer up asparagus that you can come over and cut fresh or hold the bag as we cut it in mid April or so.

Please be aware of the risks involved with farming. There is no guarantee that everything we plant is going to be a success. Pests, disease, drought, etc. can be a factor and growing organically sometimes makes it a little tougher to fight the invaders.

Keep in mind everything we provide you is grown right here at the farm. Along with the produce, that includes our eggs, chicken and honey. You all have an open invitation to visit anytime and see how your food is grown. Please feel free to ask any questions any time. We’re proud to be your farmer and look forward to a fruitful season.

Steve and Vicky

P.S. Remember money due no later than 3/31