Thursday, February 27, 2014

What's That??

This is Grace. Grace is a freshman at North Harford High School. She is taking the magnet ag class. As part of that, she has been helping take care of our chickens. Grace got her own chickens a week ago. Either Grace is wearing a funny chicken hat, has a strange chicken shaped growth on her skull or one of her chicks found a comfortable resting place on her head.
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Monday, February 17, 2014

Farm Update

Spring will come sometime, right?

So it's supposed to start warming up this week. We were so excited to hear that.  Then some weatherman said it would be a "brief" warm up. I yelled at the TV like a madman, "Brief, you have got to be kidding me!  How much longer can this go on?!?!?"  Our plans for the spring included the first plantings to go in the week of March 17th. We have another 100 laying chickens coming in less than two weeks.  We have their home being delivered the end of this week and still need to clear the area and lay a foundation where it is going.  AHHHHHHH!!   Ok, alright, I'm better now...sorry, I lost it there for a minute.  I think it's time to, as Olivia Newton-John once sang, "Let's get positive, positive.  I wanna get positive."  or something like that.

We always figure our asparagus is ready by the Orioles opening day.  Since opening day, this year, is in March, we probably won't make that, but soon thereafter.  Let me give you the list of other veggies and fruits we are growing this year.

Broccoli-Spring and Fall
Cauliflower-Spring and Fall
Cabbage-Spring and Fall
Spring Onions
Sweet Onions
Various Leaf Lettuces
Head Lettuce
Swiss Chard
Yellow Summer Squash
Tomatoes-Traditional & Heirloom
Winter Squash
Green Beans
Chinese Cabbage
Sweet Corn

Many of these will include more than one variety as well!

Wow, I feel sunnier all ready!

Also this year we will be accepting credit cards, so you don't have to run to the ATM before you come to see us.  See, more good news.

You'll be stopping by our market before long and I'll be standing there all sweaty and dirty saying something like, "Oh man, could it get any hotter?!?!"  Feel free to remind me of this newsletter.

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Locally Yours,
Vicky and Steve