Sunday, May 27, 2012

This Week at the arm

This week we will have organic:

Spring onions $3 per bunch
Arugula $4 half pound
Turnip Greens $2 half pound
Asparagus $5 per pound (limited supply)
Chickens arrive Thursday.

Vicky and Steve

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hi Everyone,

A couple of new items this week. We have Garlic Scapes for $2 a bag and Tender Baby Beet Greens at $2 a bunch. The scapes can be used in any recipe that you would like a mild garlic flavor. They're worth the price just to look at them, there a bit strange. It's a an extra shoot that hardneck garlic sends out (we grow music garlic) that has a little seed pod. To have it tender, you harvest before it gets to big and then you can cut it up and sautee or combine with other ingredients. The beet greens are very nutritious and quite tender when smaller. You can use these in salads or as a sautee stand alone green or in dishes.
The asparagus is slowing done a little, but still available and the strawberries are still coming. Asparagus $5 per pound, Strawberries $5 a quart picked or $4.50 to pick your own.
Every thing is grown organically. No sprays, no pesticides etc...


Vicky and Steve

Thursday, May 17, 2012


We have already picked organic strawberries available for $5 per level quart.  Also pick your own available for $4.50 per quart/pound


Hi Everyone,

Our chicken will be available beginning May 31. For those who would like fresh rather than frozen, chickens will be kept in our coolers through the weekend before heading to the freezer. Our chicken is free range, all natural chicken that usually range in size from 2.5 to 5 pounds. The chickens get a supplemental feed that is all natural, all vegetarian with no antibiotics, no arsenic and no hormones. Our chickens, as chicks, receive no vaccinations and are grown right here on the farm. They cannot be classified as organic, however, because the feed they have is not made with organically grown grain. We have many satisfied customers and consume mass quantities ourselves. The whole chickens and parts are packaged just like your grocery store chicken and processed at a local USDA inspected processor in Elkton.
Our per pound prices this year are:

Whole 3.99
Whole cut up 4.50
Legs, thighs, wings 4.50
Bone in split breasts 5.35
Boneless Breasts 6.95
Livers 3.00
Soup Stock-backs, necks, hearts, gizzards and feet 1.50

We will have all of these on hand at the farm, but if you would like to special order, and I know that some already have, you can email or call. The parts are usually packed four to a package, but different amounts per package can be special ordered any way you would like.

We still have organic strawberries and asparagus at $5 per pound.

Thanks and we hope you're having a nice Spring.

Vicky and Steve