Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The new farm looks familiar

We're Back!

Yes, it's true.....After an exhaustive search for the next farm, we are exhausted.  We exhausted all the possibilities and found none that we liked better than the current Rousedale Farm.  And now that the exhaust systems on our vehicles are exhausted from the many exhausting trips, here's the plan:
1..We start planting fall veggies in a couple of weeks
2..We get all the coolers, counters and shelves back in the market.
3..New laying chickens arrive in mid August for egg sales.
4..We have re-started our apiary with 2 hives of honey bees, in hopes of adding more.
5..We begin planning the full re-start for spring.
6..We are excited!

Don't forget we have honey for sale everyday.

We're looking forward to getting started again, but most importantly we're psyched to see all of you guys again!

Locally Yours,

Vicky and Steve

P.S. We will keep you posted on our progress