Thursday, March 10, 2016

Legs, Livers and Hearts!

Hey Everyone!  Feels like spring!  More importantly, whatever they put on the field next door smells like .....spring?  Wow, it's bad!

Hope you all had a decent past few months since the last time we chatted.  We have gone through our chicken freezer and have sorted out a few items that we have an abundance of.  So this Saturday from 9-4 our market will be open for "Legs, Livers and Hearts!"  We have an excess supply of chicken legs, chicken livers and chicken hearts that we will be selling for half price.  The drumsticks are priced at $1.25 a pound and the hearts and livers at $1.50 per pound.  It's a good time to stock up!

In other news......due to me taking another job weekday mornings we will be scaling the farm back a bit this year.  We will not be offering the produce or the chicken CSA programs this year. However, we will still have our produce market open here at the farm.  Our plan is to have the market open for produce Saturdays from 9-4 this summer.  We will keep you posted on when items become available as we have in the past.

Eggs and honey continue to be self serve at the farm everyday 10-6
See you Saturday!