Sunday, January 14, 2018

School of Crops this week

Rousedale Farm 2018

Hi all,
Happy winter, er uh, spring, I mean winter, or summer, no winter, yeah winter.  Actually the streak of real cold we had before we moved into a couple days of spring and then back to winter, was the longest streak, I’ve been told, of not getting above freezing since 1972!  The chickens handle the cold temperatures much better then you would think.  They insulate themselves by puffing up there feathers to allow more air in to surround them, and that air is heated by their body heat.  I’d try that for my head but I have nothing on top of my head to do much with.  Speaking of the chickens, with nothing planted, we allow them to range freely.  Customers driving down the lane often encounter a chicken or two on the road.  I’ve noticed different strategies to handle the situation.  Some folks come to a complete stop until the offending bird moves.  Some honk their horns.  Some get out of their cars to shoo the chickens away.  None of these options really work all that well.  What I have found that works the best is to keep moving slowly ahead and the chicken(s) will get out of your way, even though it may look like a chicken dinner will be the end result.
Just a reminder…our first meeting for our School of Crops will be this Wednesday evening at 7 here at the farm.  On January’s meeting agenda:
Site Selection
Soil Test
What to grow 
Seeds or plants
Making your garden plan
What going organic means
Plus much more to discuss that will insure you a successful garden this year!
The cost is $15 per meeting or if you would like to sign up in advance for the whole year $120.  Please let us know if you’re attending before Wednesday.

Our 2018 CSA is now accepting members.  All details on our web site
Eggs and Honey available everyday 9-7

Have a great week!