Saturday, January 25, 2014

Farm Update

Our 2014 produce CSA is filled.  Still room in the chicken CSA.  Details on our CSA page.

Vicky and Steve

Saturday, January 18, 2014

2014 Chicken CSA

May we present to you the 2014 Rousedale Farm chicken CSA!  Our chicken CSA runs for 24 weeks from June 4 until November 12.  It gives you the opportunity to feast on our tasty farm grown, free range chicken on a regular basis. The CSA cost reflects a discount of our regular prices, so it saves you money too!  Our chicken is grown in the best, most humane way we know of.  We only raise 100 at a time to insure the birds have plenty of room inside and out.  They range on grass, get plenty of fresh air and our birds even see the sun!  Along with their ranging around for bugs and worms, they receive a non-medicated, all vegetarian, all natural feed.  This means no antibiotics, no arsenic, no growth hormones and no nasty animal by-products.

With our chicken CSA you also have choices as to how many birds you would like to receive each month.

Plan 1--1 chicken a month ($105 for 6 chickens)

Plan 2--2 chickens a month ($200 for 12 chickens)

Plan 3--3 chickens a month ($295 for 18 chickens)

Plan 4--4 chickens a month ($385 for 24 chickens)

You will receive a whole chicken weighing approximately 4 pounds.  Chickens will be frozen with the exception of weeks we process.  Those weeks you will have a fresh chicken.  That will be about every fourth week.  Pick up day for your birds will be every Wednesday at the farm.  You may pick up once a month or pick up each week you have a chicken coming.  It's up to you.

Payment for your plan is due by March 1.  Please email or call to join the chicken CSA or if you would like more info.

You don't have to be a member to purchase our chicken.  It will be available like always year round.

Speaking of CSA's we only have a few spots left on our produce CSA.

BTW..eggs and honey available year round too.   Along with the 12 oz honey bears, we now can offer larger quantities of honey at a slightly lower price per pound.

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Locally Yours,
Vicky and Steve

Monday, January 13, 2014

Farm Update

2014 CSA

We have decided to offer a CSA program this year. We have found over the last couple of years, when we didn't offer a CSA, that most enjoyed coming to the farm and purchasing their produce when they wanted and buying what they wanted. However, there were still some CSA die-hards that said they missed the CSA!

For those who aren't familiar with a CSA, it stands for community supported agriculture. With your payment, you are purchasing a share of the farm's harvest. You also understand that with purchasing a share in a farm's harvest comes a certain amount of risk as well. There is always the possibility that a crop may fail, that the locusts attack or Mother Nature gets angry.

We will still have our regular market for the non-CSA members, as we have for the last couple of years. That won't change!

Our 2014 CSA will cost $500 for 17 weeks of organically grown produce. You will receive about a half bushel of goodies each week. Our Rousedale Farm wooden crates are a half bushel, just to give you an idea. The CSA will run from 6/4-9/24. Our members will get some optional u-pick opportunities, if they choose to have them. We know that some enjoy picking their own green beans or blueberries and some just don't have the time. We will leave that up to you. We will offer only full shares. You can certainly split your share with a friend, co-worker, neighbor or family member, but you will do the splitting. As in the past, we will make the Rousedale farm pond(swimming pool) available for members and their families to cool off on those hot summer days. Members will have the "help yourself" herb bed for themselves. They also will receive a discount on produce that might be available before the CSA begins and after it ends. Members will also receive a discount on other items like T-shirts. Although it's not written in stone yet, Wednesday will probably be the pick up day again here at the farm.

March first is the deadline to have your money in. With just 20 members, it may fill up fast.

We do want to reiterate, we will still have our regular market with all the goods we've had for the last few years too. We will be open 6 days a week, 9 hours a day. You don't have to be a member of the CSA to get produce!

If the CSA is something you're interested in, don't wait and be disappointed, sign up now! Simply email or call us if you would like to join. We don't have our entire list together on all that will be grown this year. If you have something specific you're wondering about, call or email. That goes for any questions you may have about the CSA as well.

BTW..eggs, chicken and honey available year round.

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Locally Yours,
Vicky and Steve