Thursday, September 1, 2016

Farm Update

Closed For The Season Rap!

Please add your best beat...

Vic and I lookin and the field not cookin trying to make some decisions
The bugs are a jumpin', the bugs are eruptin', all the bugs causin’ nasty incisions
Squash is dyin', Tomatoes are cryin', beans aren’t at fruition
News not good, things not right, when we’re trying to pay tuition.

I know we said it and we thought we meant it, we’d have one more week to go
But it’s farmin’ and can be alarmin’ and things just don’t want to grow
So we’re done and it sure’s been fun seeing all your smilin' faces
Thank you so much, please keep in touch, you’re the folks that always amaze-us.

But seriously, thank you all for supporting us this year. You have know idea what it means to us.

Our last Yoga on the farm this Saturday morning at 9.

Locally Yours,
Vicky and Steve
P.S. Self serve eggs and honey remain through the year

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