Thursday, December 7, 2017

It's an eggtacular!!

With just a couple of weeks to go, it's time to through caution to the wind and go farm crazy.  I've scrambled around and decided to cut our egg price in half!!  That's right this is not a yolk,ah joke.  Eggs from our chickens to you will be $2 per dozen during market hours only this Friday 10-6, Saturday 9-3 and Sunday 9-noon.  No, I haven't cracked up.  No, my brain is not fried.  No, I haven't rolled over easy and given up. It's simply time to lay a deal on you. Credit cards, cash and chicks, ah, I mean, checks accepted. 

Also in the market:

Purple Carrots/$2.75/pound
Yellow Carrots/$2.75/pound
Watermelon Radish/$2.50/pound
Pablano Peppers/$3/pound
Butternut Squash/$1.79/pound
Buttercup Squash/$1.79/po
Red Beets/2 pounds for $4
Golden Beets/2 pounds for $4.25
Sweet Potatoes/ $2.29/pound
Russet (baking) Potatoes/$1.50
Kennebec White Potatoes/ $1.50/pound
Yukon Gold Potatoes/ $1.87/pound
Red Potatoes/ $1.87/pound
Russian Fingerling Potatoes/$2.29/pound
Green Cabbage/$1.50/pound
Arugula/$4/half pound
Purple Top Turnips/$2.40/pound
Hakurei Turnips (white)/$2.50/pound
Raw Honey $8/1 pound, $15/2 pounds, $22/3 pounds
Eggs/ lg/XL/$
Herb/ sage, rosemary/$2/bunch
Apples-McIntosh, Staymen, Crispin $1.50/pound

Locally Yours!

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