Thursday, February 1, 2018

Farm Update

School of Crops #2 and Date Night at the Dump

As you know I'm a big fan of the Harford County Landfill off Scarboro Road, better known as, "The Dump".  I visit, at least, once a month.  No, this is not another story about me jumping in a massive dumpster after an errant trash can situation.  Instead, it's about an infiltration that seems to be happening there. I've noticed more and more women visiting the dump.  Now we all know that the women folk can't leave man stuff alone especially if we seem to be enjoying ourselves.  So I got to thinking that maybe they're checking it out for themselves just to see what it's all about. OR....could they be single ladies visiting the dump to find love.  On more than one occasion, a woman with a load of trash has been seemingly struggling with the unloading process and I felt as a gentleman I should ask if she needed assistance.  Some have rejected the offer, but some have excepted the help with a smile.  Which prompted me to burst in the door upon my arrival back home and exclaim to Vicky, "I have a great idea!  Date night at the dump!"  Of course, she looked at me like I had taken in some sort of toxic fume while I was there.  But think about it.  Men are drawn to ladies nights at the local bars to meet women.  I believe women would be drawn to the dump to meet men!  I think it may already be happening on a small scale!  Can you picture it? Search lights in the sky like a Hollywood opening, bars set up at the "battery and latex paint recycling" kiosks,  darts and foosball by the "glass, cardboard and mixed recyclables" dumpsters. Enjoy drinks a little closer to the stars on top of the mountain of trash Scarboro has become.  And, who knows what might happen at the "cushion and mattress recycling" areas after the D.J. spins a Barry White classic.  Just watching the heavy equipment at the compost and mulch area alone, is enough to send a couple to the "used oil" wedding chapel!  I'm nearly ready to share this idea with county exec Barry Glassman.

And now the news from down on the farm...

In order to avoid any of our attendees having a lovers quarrel, we will move School of Crops #2 from Valentines Day, Wednesday February 14 to Tuesday evening February 13 at 7.  I had to agree to move it to avoid my own lovers quarrel.  We are happy to welcome master gardner Joan Parris as a special guest that evening!  Joan will give us her take on getting the garden plan together for the year and, of course, answer any questions you may have. We will also have a short honey bee video presentation and discuss where we should be at this point in our garden preparation. Remember, next month, (March) we can, hopefully start planting a few things!  Our January meeting ran close to two hours.  $15 at the door.  The School of Crops is designed to help you have a successful garden this year. Whether you're starting from scratch or have attempted a garden before, we will help get you ready and be there for you as you go through the year long process of growing some of your own food. Please shoot us an email and RSVP by Monday the 12th if you plan on attending or if you have any questions.

Our 2018 produce CSA is now filled for the year!  Thank you to all who have joined.

I will give you all the details on our upcoming 2018 chicken CSA in our newsletter next week. That will be starting towards the end of May.

Locally Yours!

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