Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Farm Update

Delivery Anyone?

We have received a few requests to offer delivery of our honey, eggs and fresh organic produce to neighbors in our area. I’m thinking a Thursday evening delivery may work for us through the fall season.  Some may be to far from the farm for this to be practical, but instead of setting a radius, try me, and we’ll see if we can make it work.  There will be a $5 delivery charge for this service.  Call, text or email with your order and questions.  410-215-6776.
This week's menu:
Green Beans/$4.25/pound
Butternut Squash/$1.99/pound
Delicata Squash/$1.99/pound
Green Acorn Squash/$1.99/pound
Italian Eggplant/$1.99/pound
Red Beets/2 pounds for $4
Golden Beets/2 pounds for $4.25
Sweet Potatoes/ $2.29/pound
Red Potatoes/ $1.87/pound
Yukon Gold Potatoes/ $1.87/pound
Red Fingerling Potatoes/ $2.49/pound
Red Radishes/$2.50/bunch (8-9 radishes)
French Breakfast Radishes/$2.50/bunch
Green Cabbage/$1.50/pound
Spring Salad Mix/$4/bag (over 1/2 pound)
Turnip Greens/$3/bag
Swiss Chard/$4/pound
Red Russian Kale/$4/pound
Curly Kale/$4/pound
Sorrel (lemony green lettuce) /$3/quarter pound
Yellow Bell Peppers/$3.99/pound
Green Bell Peppers/$2.49/pound
Red Bell Peppers/ $2.49/pound
Raw Honey $8/1 pound, $15/2 pounds, $22/3 pounds
Eggs/ small/$3 Med-Lg/$4

Locally Yours!


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