Thursday, October 19, 2017

Farm Update

Market Open Friday 10-6, Saturday and Sunday 9-3

As you drive down our lane to get to the market, maybe you have noticed some signs that appear to be kind of cockeyed crosses.  They are stakes that have the type of mint, they're hammered in, written on them.  They, apparently to some, appear to be graves.  A customer last weekend asked me if they were the burial plots for some of my favorite chickens! No, I've never named the chickens, let alone Mojito, Peppermint, Lemon or Mint Julep.  I'm trying to come up with a better way to remember what type of mint I have planted and where.
In the market this weekend:
Cauliflower/$1.50/pound(not beautiful but a nice personality)
Green Beans/$4.25/pound
Spaghetti Squash /$1.50/pound
Butternut Squash/$1.99/pound
Delicata Squash/$1.99/pound
Green Acorn Squash/$1.99/pound
Italian Eggplant/$1.99/pound
Red Beets/2 pounds for $4
Golden Beets/2 pounds for $4.25
Sweet Potatoes/ $2.29/pound
Red Potatoes/ $1.87/pound
Yukon Gold Potatoes/ $1.87/pound
Red Radishes/$2.50/bunch (8-9 radishes)
French Breakfast Radishes/$2.50/bunch
Green Cabbage/$1.50/pound
Spring Salad Mix/$4/bag (over 1/2 pound)
Turnip Greens/$3/bag
Swiss Chard/$4/pound
Red Russian Kale/$4/pound
Curly Kale/$4/pound
Sorrel (lemony green lettuce) /$3/quarter pound
Yellow Bell Peppers/$2.49/pound
Green Bell Peppers/$2.49/pound
Red Bell Peppers/ $2.49/pound
Orange Bell Peppers /$2.49/pound
Hakurei Turnips (white)/$2.50/pound
Raw Honey $8/1 pound, $15/2 pounds, $22/3 pounds
Eggs/ small/$3 Med-Lg/$4

See you down on the farm.

Locally Yours!


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