Thursday, November 16, 2017

Our Farm Market open Friday 10-6, Saturday and Sunday 9-3

It never ceases to amaze me how I continuously get myself in trouble here on the farm.  Last weekend a lovely lady was getting out of her car at precisely the same time our top dog rooster had shooed a smallish hawk away for the flock.  I let out a very forceful, "Lookin' good Pork Chop (the roosters name)  Well, let's just say the timing was bad, the lady didn't seemed pleased and I had some quick explainng to do to the potential customer!  In the market:
Poblano Peppers/$3.50/pound
Padron Peppers/$8/pound

Apples (mostly Yorks)/$2.72/pound
Spaghetti Squash/$1.49/pound
Butternut Squash/$1.89/pound
Delicata Squash/$1.89/pound
Green Acorn Squash/$1.89/pound
Red Beets/2 pounds for $4
Golden Beets/2 pounds for $4.25
Sweet Potatoes/ $2.29/pound
Kennebec White Potatoes/ $1.50/pound
Yukon Gold Potatoes/ $1.87/pound
Red Potatoes/.$1.87/pound
Russian Fingerling Potatoes/$2.29/pound
Radishes/$1/a handful
Green Cabbage/$1.50/pound
Spring Salad Mix/$4/bag
Red Russian Kale/$4/pound
Curly Kale/$4/pound
Red Curly Kale/$4/pound
Sorrel (lemony green lettuce) /$5/half pound
Hakurei Turnips (white)/$2.50/pound
Purple Top Turnips/$2.50/pound
Raw Honey $8/1 pound, $15/2 pounds, $22/3 pounds
Eggs/ lg/XL/$4
Herbs/$2/bunch/parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme

Just a reminder, we will not be open Thanksgiving weekend.  Self serve honey and eggs will be available

Locally Yours!

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